Fritz Erik


Fritz Erik Hoevels, Ph.D., B.Sc. (Psych), born in Frankfurt/M. on January 6th, 1948, studied Psychology and Classical Philology and is a practising psychoanalyst – adhering to Freud’s undiluted psychoanalysis – established at Freiburg i.Br. His most important books „Marxismus, Psychoanalyse, Politik“ („Marxism, Psychoanalysis, Politics“), „Wilhelm Reichs Beitrag zur Psychoanalyse“ („Wilhelm Reich’s Contribution to Psychoanalysis“) and „Wie unrecht hatte Marx wirklich?“ („How wrong was Marx truly?“) have been published by AHRIMAN publishing house; furthermore, he published a considerable number of scientific studies on applied psychoanalysis which appeared in scientific journals such as „Hermes“ (Franz Steiner Verlag), „Praxis der Psychotherapie“ (Springer) and „System ubw“ (AHRIMAN-Verlag) as well as political essays and treatises published in the periodical „Ketzerbriefe“ (AHRIMAN Verlag). Some of his works have been translated into other languages.

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         Yet, Dr. Hoevels is not only a psychoanalyst and an author of scientific works, even not only the latter and also a political writer uncompromisingly working against the process of streamlining – on top of all that, he is the founder of the „Marxistisch-Reichistische Initiative“ who, under the name of „Bunte Liste Freiburg“, were represented for some years by a member in the local municipal council. This organization now continues to exist under the name of „Bund gegen Anpassung“ [Alliance against Conformity] without ever changing in the least in its fundamental, classical Leninist attitude and principles (based on „What is to be done?“) and in secret has continued to grow. The organization’s history, activities and Hoevels‘ part in it are excellently documented in the book „30 Jahre Ketzer“. Their programme may best be summarized under the three slogans
Birth control – Reduction of working hours – Equality worldwide!

Of course, they could also be paraphrased by „for a planet worthy of living on“.
         As a matter of fact, neither the founding of such organizations nor such programmes are really the means that make a person much liked by those who have occupied the superior ranks – which actually can only be superior by stealing something from others – and thus the ranks of power and of information control. This is the reason why this personal internet page has become necessary, because without it, when searching under the respective key words – even when trying hard and doing your best – ,you will find about Dr. Hoevels only slander and some genuine but only little information crumbled into unrepresentative bits and pieces – but nothing useful about his works, e.g. his examination about the psychoanalytical achievements of Wilhelm Reich.
        What Hoevels and Reich have in common – i.e. Reich before he had been lost in the fog of parascientific speculations – is not only their profession and scientific basis, but also their commitment to organizing the scattered, dulled and defenseless masses for the purpose of putting up an efficient fight against their masters (masters because they inherited their fortunes) with the aim of winning victory and establishing a rationally organized government committed exclusively to the principle of achieving the greatest happiness for the highest percentage of mankind, supported by people who are as emancipated as possible and who do not crowd out nature altogether. (This goal actually is what Marx and Engels had called „classless society“, a goal which, since Stalin’s coming to power, has no longer been the aim of any government in the Eastern Bloc; it is a programme of general wealth and well-being for all and by no means one of grey and dull ascetic leveling.) More details have to be taken from the relevant literature; as to Hoevels‘ own position and activities, the above mentioned book „30 Jahre Ketzer“ is an indispensable source of information despite its price – though calculated to be as low as possible.
         The subjective part in the process of confusing the individual’s mind for the purpose of consolidating power which renders the individual defenseless at first and then makes it a reliable follower of its enemies has been illustrated with a vividness that is hardly to be found anywhere else in Hoevels‘ drama „Waitoreke“ which, fortunately, is available at a low price as audio disc; any ever so „critical“ and „provocative“ etc., etc., theatre will be too cowardly to stage it (or will immediately be cut off from public funds, a mechanism which guaranteed, in a very reliable manner, the selection of plays already in ancient Greece which otherwise was locally rather democratic; that is the reason why the traditional ancient plays are mostly so boresome).